An exciting day

A little while ago I used the awesome Superpowers tool (as part of the Teamworks product) from SYPartners to identify what my Superpower is - i.e. my natural talent that I bring to the team. It was creative thinking.    And this morning I'm off to top up my creative levels at an event in [...]

Paper and Pencil, FiftyThree style

Followers of this blog will know that I love a good tool or two! Whether it's the awesome Unstuck & Teamworks by the amazing SYPartners or the brilliant Evernote, or The Knowledge by the very insightful & inspirational Carl Taylor or The Action Method from the turning-ideas-into-action guru Scott Belsky. Well, over the past few weeks I've been working with another amazing [...]

The challenge of creating the right sub-culture

One of the most acknowledged key ingredients for any great team or organisation is its culture. The most innovative companies - such as Apple, Google or Pixar - are always used as examples of organisations that have the right culture. Other organisations - such as local government or financial institutions - are often used as [...]

Creating a shared purpose

During my research into what makes great teams great, one of the reoccurring essential elements that I keep stumbling across was the need for a shared purpose. Something that all members of the team buy into. Something that they all own. Something that drives everything that the team - and the individuals within the team [...]

Making every relationship a priority

Followers of my blog will know that one of my greatest sources of inspiration, ideas and, quite simply, an organisation I would love to work for, is the American firm SYPartners. In fact they've appeared so much in my blog I recently wrote a post called 'There's a lot about SYPartners in here'! This latest [...]

The importance of understanding individual perspectives

One of the most important things that I've learnt that a team needs during my career is a shared vision, a shared understanding of where the team is going. In other words, a shared team purpose. 'Great teams' have worked this out. 'Great teams' stay true it. 'Great team' live and breathe their purpose.My team wasn't [...]