Interviewing for the right person

A few weeks ago I published a post about how I am Building the right team with the right people (and also read Can you add the missing ingredients to my team?). This post forms the next step to that. ------------ So, the advert has been out and closing date has gone. We had 5 applicants in all [...]

The challenge of creating the right sub-culture

One of the most acknowledged key ingredients for any great team or organisation is its culture. The most innovative companies - such as Apple, Google or Pixar - are always used as examples of organisations that have the right culture. Other organisations - such as local government or financial institutions - are often used as [...]

Creating a shared purpose

During my research into what makes great teams great, one of the reoccurring essential elements that I keep stumbling across was the need for a shared purpose. Something that all members of the team buy into. Something that they all own. Something that drives everything that the team - and the individuals within the team [...]