Great Teams quote, Keith Yamashita

Great teams do not come about by chance. Great teams – when they are at their best – start first with the foundation of each person on the team understanding their superpower
– Keith Yamashita

Communicate towards trust

The funny thing about looking back at the progress that we have made as a team – and I have made as a leader – over the past 21 months is that you quickly realise that there have been some very good times and times that have been very challenging. Some of these good times…

An exciting day

A little while ago I used the awesome Superpowers tool (as part of the Teamworks product) from SYPartners to identify what my Superpower is – i.e. my natural talent that I bring to the team. It was creative thinking.    And this morning I’m off to top up my creative levels at an event in…

Quote – Simon Sinek

   It’s better to have a great team than a team of greats. – Simon Sinek Created by, 2015

Find your superpower

I’ve wrote quite a lot in this blog about how I used the SYPartners tools to find my superpower – and then how I started to live, breathe and be my superpower. A superpower is: A natural talent someone brings to the team when it’s most in need of help I have been using the…