The challenge of creating the right sub-culture

One of the most acknowledged key ingredients for any great team or organisation is its culture. The most innovative companies - such as Apple, Google or Pixar - are always used as examples of organisations that have the right culture. Other organisations - such as local government or financial institutions - are often used as… Continue reading The challenge of creating the right sub-culture

The importance of stress

Stress is a given in life - both at work and at home. It comes in different levels and in different ways. It shows itself in different ways too. And quite often, people see stress as a negative thing. As something to stop. As something that we should all try to avoid.And to a degree… Continue reading The importance of stress

Review of the week

This week my blog has covered superpowers, leadership, team, purpose and the first part of my 10 lessons of leadership.Heres a quick review: There's a lot about SYPartners in here - a post about why SYPartners have appeared so heavily in my blogs so far to share their inspiration approach and to give feedback to the… Continue reading Review of the week

Enhancing my superpower 

After finally understanding, identifying and having my superpower confirmed through the brilliant Teamworks strengths tool, I then used the action focused approach of the tool to create a new ritual for making sure I keep my superpower topped up. I tried to design my ritual so that it was simple, doable and built on my… Continue reading Enhancing my superpower 

My superpower

After working out my superpower was, I started to use it. I started to work in a different way. I started to use my superpower in all my tasks. I started to use my superpower in all my discussions with me team. I started to allow my superpower to be seen.What was my superpower? It… Continue reading My superpower

Who am I?

After working hard to understand myself better, to understand my team better, and to begin our transformation towards becoming a 'great team', my plan of action was starting to making a difference.After a few months I was starting to see a difference in team morale, in the completion of tasks, in communication and engagement across… Continue reading Who am I?

Great teams understand their individual superpowers

Whilst researching all things SYPartners I stumbled across this quote from their Chairman and founder, Keith Yamashita:Some of the first actions I took in my transformation of both me and my team were to print this out and stick it on the wall, put it on the agenda of our first team meeting, and work… Continue reading Great teams understand their individual superpowers