Our colour

Who knew we’d get here?
At the place where we are.
It started so long ago –
Across the room.

Across the room
Full of shades of grey –
And there we were –
Full of colour.

Like two stars shinning
On a cloudy night –
Through the grey
Our colours bleed.

The colours blended
Into one –
They joined together
Into a single ray.

Cutting through the blur –
With the focus of
A hungry animal
In the dead of the night.

They made the greyness
Disappear – slowly it went
Then there was only
Our single colour.

We cocooned our colour
For ourselves –
And then we emerged
To share.

We started as one –
And then it grew.
Five colours, now
Shinning bright.

The colours grow
Brighter – sharper
They focus –
Five rays as one.

– Copyright Michael Watts, 2015 – http://www.iammichaelwatts.com & RedPuffin, 2015 – https://redpuffin.wordpress.com