Leadership as it should be

Being a leader is a huge responsibility - not only do you need to look after yourself, but you are also responsible for taking care of those in your charge. Being able to use that responsibility, and privilege, can be tiring and draining. But it can also immensely rewarding. And this example from Starbucks proves… Continue reading Leadership as it should be

A transformation agenda – refocusing who we are

This is a special month for my work website - it turned 5! We want to future proof ourselves to 2020. To help us do that, I have spent the past few months working with my team on A Transformation Agenda for our website. Find out more in my blog post.

An Open Letter to Howard Schultz: Is Starbucks starting to lose its mission again?

Dear Howard, Firstly, I have to say, your book, Onward has been a huge source of inspiration, guidance & thought creation for me. I personally connected to your story so much and have been so inspired by how you and your team have refocused around Starbucks mission - to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one… Continue reading An Open Letter to Howard Schultz: Is Starbucks starting to lose its mission again?

Book 1 – Onward by Howard Schultz

This is the first book in my countdown of my top 5 books around leadership, personal development, and self discovery. ---   What's the book about? "In 2000, Starbuck's founder and CEO Howard Schultz stepped down from daily oversight of the company and assumed the role of chairman. Eight years later, in the midst of the… Continue reading Book 1 – Onward by Howard Schultz

Getting unstuck to make progress

A few funny things happened over that winter. Not only did I challenge and change myself, I also found a few new sources of inspiration. Things that I could connect with. Things that I believed in. Things that gave me the confidence to be myself. ... I was ready to move forward – it was progress. I was getting unstuck to make progress.