Building the right team

Today starts with an exciting development - I'm finally interviewing for a vacancy that I can fill permanently within my team.This is only the second time I have been able to decide if someone is the right person for my team. The first time went really well - you can read through some of my… Continue reading Building the right team

TEAMGAUGE, check the pulse of your team’s engagement level

Proud to announce that TEAMGAUGE, my new short team survey is ready to download. It is designed to quickly capture the thoughts of members of your team about their role in the team. It will give you an insight in their engagement levels, their levels of motivation and their level of clarity about their role.… Continue reading TEAMGAUGE, check the pulse of your team’s engagement level

Recruiting using the Cathedral test

A couple of years ago I made my first ever appointment in my team - see Building the right team with the right people - and this week, I’ve had my latest new employee start within my team as an intern. Going through this recruitment process has got me thinking about what kind of person… Continue reading Recruiting using the Cathedral test

Looking backwards to move forward 

Over the past few days I have been writing about my reflections on the last 21 months in my journey of leading my team towards becoming a ‘great team’. I have covered the topics of the importance of time and patience, how I became more vulnerable to build trust, and how I have been working on communicating… Continue reading Looking backwards to move forward 

Being vulnerable, building trust  

After identifying my first action as ‘tackling being a lone-leader’, I realised that to do this, I needed to tackle one of the other biggest issues within the team - trust. There just wasn't a lot of trust in the team. Whenever we hit a rough patch, everybody in the team retreated into their shells,… Continue reading Being vulnerable, building trust  

Creating a recipe, collating the ingredients

In my post yesterday I set out what I believe a ‘great team’ looks, acts and feels like - in other words, what I see the main ingredients of a ‘great team’ are. Like a recipe, this collection of attributes is created by bringing together a number of individual, yet connected, elements, or as I… Continue reading Creating a recipe, collating the ingredients

A Great Team – what does that mean?

In March 2015 I started writing in this blog about my journey towards becoming a better leader, and as a consequence of this, I wanted to lead my team to become a ‘great team’. As we near the end of 2016 I’m taking time to reflect on what has happened within the team during the… Continue reading A Great Team – what does that mean?

Unlocking my best self to leadfully

Recently I've signed to start using the new toy, sorry, tool from SYPartners - Leadfully. Leadfully provides a system of tips, tools, and everyday actions you can use to activate your authentic leadership style.   As part of the daily challenges, thoughts & inspiration that they send out via e-mail, they sent a challenge to… Continue reading Unlocking my best self to leadfully