A #RUDay

So today I've been out of the office at an event for service designers in local government and the wider public sector. The day is advertised as, and called, a "Really Useful Day". Or #RUDay for short.  So I went in to the session today really hopefully that for a full day away from the [...]

An exciting day

A little while ago I used the awesome Superpowers tool (as part of the Teamworks product) from SYPartners to identify what my Superpower is - i.e. my natural talent that I bring to the team. It was creative thinking.    And this morning I'm off to top up my creative levels at an event in [...]

The power of praise

Today was just another ordinary day in the office. My team was building webpages around user needs. My team was challenging other teams to move to digital services. My team was writing strategies. My team was analysing feedback from our users. And then something magical happened - we received an email. Okay, we all receive [...]

The challenge of creating the right sub-culture

One of the most acknowledged key ingredients for any great team or organisation is its culture. The most innovative companies - such as Apple, Google or Pixar - are always used as examples of organisations that have the right culture. Other organisations - such as local government or financial institutions - are often used as [...]

Creating a shared purpose

During my research into what makes great teams great, one of the reoccurring essential elements that I keep stumbling across was the need for a shared purpose. Something that all members of the team buy into. Something that they all own. Something that drives everything that the team - and the individuals within the team [...]