Taking time to recharge 

To say this year has been an annus horribilis could be an understatement.  After breaking my leg and ankle earlier in the year, my Nan, one of my only constant parts of my life since childhood, became poorly and then, after a short period of palliative care, passed away. Alongside this, we have had one… Continue reading Taking time to recharge 

Broken bones, mended thoughts

One the things that I like to do is to continuously reflect - to reflect on my thoughts, to reflect on my actions, and to reflect on my progress towards being the leader of a great team. At the end of last year I spent some time reviewing & reflecting on my journey as a… Continue reading Broken bones, mended thoughts

This is how I will lead with intention in 2017

At the start of 2017, Leadfully from the talented bunch at SYPartners challenged their followers to chart a better course — or even a new one. They asked us to look back at 2016 and consider: What did you do well as a leader? What could you have done better? Then they asked us to look ahead… Continue reading This is how I will lead with intention in 2017

Looking backwards to move forward 

Over the past few days I have been writing about my reflections on the last 21 months in my journey of leading my team towards becoming a ‘great team’. I have covered the topics of the importance of time and patience, how I became more vulnerable to build trust, and how I have been working on communicating… Continue reading Looking backwards to move forward 

Being vulnerable, building trust  

After identifying my first action as ‘tackling being a lone-leader’, I realised that to do this, I needed to tackle one of the other biggest issues within the team - trust. There just wasn't a lot of trust in the team. Whenever we hit a rough patch, everybody in the team retreated into their shells,… Continue reading Being vulnerable, building trust  

Creating a recipe, collating the ingredients

In my post yesterday I set out what I believe a ‘great team’ looks, acts and feels like - in other words, what I see the main ingredients of a ‘great team’ are. Like a recipe, this collection of attributes is created by bringing together a number of individual, yet connected, elements, or as I… Continue reading Creating a recipe, collating the ingredients