Finding my why, understanding who I am

Living and being my WHY is an essential part of who I am, why I get out bed in the morning and why I do what I do.  To help me articulate my WHY clearer and make sure I accurately understand my WHY, I've started to work through the new book from Simon Sinek, David Mead… Continue reading Finding my why, understanding who I am

Finding my WHY, the start of my journey of self-discovery 

Last week I started reading Find Your Why, the new book and tool from Simon Sinek and his team.  My WHY, my personal purpose and values, are hugely important to me. I’ve studied my WHY for a long term. I’ve tweaked it over time to articulate in different ways, each time trying to improve it.… Continue reading Finding my WHY, the start of my journey of self-discovery 

Finding my WHY

Anybody who has followed this blog or met me will know that living my WHY is an essential element of my life. It's what drives me. It's what makes me get up in the morning. And it's partly why I created this blog in the first place. Well, today, I started reading Simon Sinek's new… Continue reading Finding my WHY

Taking time to recharge 

To say this year has been an annus horribilis could be an understatement.  After breaking my leg and ankle earlier in the year, my Nan, one of my only constant parts of my life since childhood, became poorly and then, after a short period of palliative care, passed away. Alongside this, we have had one… Continue reading Taking time to recharge 

Leadership as it should be

Being a leader is a huge responsibility - not only do you need to look after yourself, but you are also responsible for taking care of those in your charge. Being able to use that responsibility, and privilege, can be tiring and draining. But it can also immensely rewarding. And this example from Starbucks proves… Continue reading Leadership as it should be

Quick Test: Leader vs. Manager, Which Are You?

A day in November 2001 will always be part of my memory. I was sat in the induction session of my first ever job as a PA and Administrator for a small team. During the mid-morning break I was chatting to one of the other attendees and was asked a question - "what do I want to… Continue reading Quick Test: Leader vs. Manager, Which Are You?


Read my blog post on how I have used my leadership development tool, MOONSHOT, to help my creative web & brand design studio, Burning Leaf Creatives, transform, grow and have a bigger reach.

It’s a newish company driven by our purpose. But we are ambitious. We want to have a bigger, positive impact on the world.

See what we set out to do.

Burning Leaf Creatives

Taking our own advice, setting out our own MOONSHOT

Over the past few weeks we’ve been working with our founder on a number of free leadership development tools (through our See Them Rise project).

These tools are designed to create a workplace that is better for team members, better for team leaders and better for the companies customers. They will do that by giving individuals the skills, insight and knowledge they need to become the leaders that they want to follow.

Transforming for now and the future

Moonshot_LOGO_blue_instaOne of the tools that we developed was MOONSHOT.

MOONSHOT is a tool to help you transform your team, organisation or group for now & in the future.

MOONSHOT helps individuals and teams create a long-term destination for their business and a “Roadmap” to help them transform for now and the future.

The tool encourages people to be ambitious, radical, and think hard…

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