Taking time to recharge 

To say this year has been an annus horribilis could be an understatement.  After breaking my leg and ankle earlier in the year, my Nan, one of my only constant parts of my life since childhood, became poorly and then, after a short period of palliative care, passed away. Alongside this, we have had one… Continue reading Taking time to recharge 

My art in our new home

Anybody that has followed this blog for a while will know that I alongside quotes, rambling stories about my life, and the odd bit of randomness, I have also shared a lot of poetry and art work too. Well today marked an exciting day in the story of my art. Today saw the first time… Continue reading My art in our new home

Feeling alone

During the last few days I've been playing with feeling alone, isolated and abandoned as a way of showing how I felt when my wife was rushed off for an emergency C Section when our twins decided that they wanted to arrive 7 weeks early 4 years ago. See what I've come up with below:… Continue reading Feeling alone