Leadership as it should be

Being a leader is a huge responsibility - not only do you need to look after yourself, but you are also responsible for taking care of those in your charge. Being able to use that responsibility, and privilege, can be tiring and draining. But it can also immensely rewarding. And this example from Starbucks proves… Continue reading Leadership as it should be

This is how I will lead with intention in 2017

At the start of 2017, Leadfully from the talented bunch at SYPartners challenged their followers to chart a better course — or even a new one. They asked us to look back at 2016 and consider: What did you do well as a leader? What could you have done better? Then they asked us to look ahead… Continue reading This is how I will lead with intention in 2017

An Open Letter to Howard Schultz: Is Starbucks starting to lose its mission again?

Dear Howard, Firstly, I have to say, your book, Onward has been a huge source of inspiration, guidance & thought creation for me. I personally connected to your story so much and have been so inspired by how you and your team have refocused around Starbucks mission - to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one… Continue reading An Open Letter to Howard Schultz: Is Starbucks starting to lose its mission again?

Unlocking my best self to leadfully

Recently I've signed to start using the new toy, sorry, tool from SYPartners - Leadfully. Leadfully provides a system of tips, tools, and everyday actions you can use to activate your authentic leadership style.   As part of the daily challenges, thoughts & inspiration that they send out via e-mail, they sent a challenge to… Continue reading Unlocking my best self to leadfully

No New Years resolutions found

Its that time of the year where people are starting to make their New Years resolutions. What are New Years resolutions I hear yin ask? Well, here's a definition:  New Year's resolution is a tradition, most common in the Western Hemisphere but also found in the Eastern Hemisphere, in which a person makes a promise… Continue reading No New Years resolutions found