Living & being my superpower

[Superpowers Card Pack by SYPartners, 2015]

Having a superpower of creative thinking means that over the years I’ve been involved in the production of a range of different things.

This has included:

Designing and publishing marketing material – such as posters, leaflets and other advertising material [check out some examples in My artwork and other pieces! Pinterest Board]

Being a website content manager – involving writing content, designing page formats, creating images and developing the publicity material [check out my work website, my personal squarebubbles and Burning Leaf Consultancy websites, and examples of my design work for website images]

Writing strategies, business plans and change implementation plans – involving writing the content for the documents, designing the document format, and sharing the content of the documents with the right audiences [check out my 2011 business plan, my 2012 children’s strategy, my position statement, and some of my presentations]

Redesigning systems, services and processes [check out my 2013 review, change and implementation report]

Planning, setting up and running consultations, surveys and conferences [check out details of the conferences I have run in 2013, 2014 and 2015, and some consultation and surveys I ran in 2011, 2011-12, 2014 and 2015]

Created and run several social media accounts – for both myself and my organisations [check out my social media accounts and my work Twitter & YouTube accounts]

Managed a number of different boards and groups – both internally and externally within my organisations [check out the children’s trust I supported]

Drawing illustrations for my first poetry book [check out my illustrations for Love Lights] and writing children’s stories [check out Thomas the elephant who wondered if he could]

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