“Unconscious bias training is no way to solve ethnic disparities”

A colleague recently shared an article written by Patrick Forscher, a Research Scientist at the Université Grenoble Alpes.

In the article, Patrick comes to the conclusion that “unconscious bias training” is more of a branding device than a meaningful scientific term and that policymakers are best placed to change laws and regulations, not individual hearts and minds.

This is a interesting viewpoint on unconscious bias training.

As a white male, I can’t understand what it’s like to have the experiences of a black male. But any opportunity for me to stop, listen and learn about the experiences of others has to be important.

What’s more, taking time to proactively think through my own unconscious bias would be of benefit. Self-reflection on this issue has to be key.

How do you then measure this? How do you know it has made an impact? Not sure I know the answer, but opening the discussion has to be a positive.

At the start of Black History Month, can you start the discussion in your workplace, in your home, in your community and anywhere else that you interact with people?

Share your thoughts below and create a discussion.

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You can read the full article on the CapX website – visit https://capx.co/unconscious-bias-training-is-no-way-to-solve-ethnic-disparities.