My Low Carbs Story

Followers of this blog will know that I’m always trying to improve myself.

I’ve commented before that I drink to much coffee, don’t do enough exercise, and eat the wrong food.

Well, yesterday, I made the decision to start a low carb diet.

After weighing in at 15st 2lbs, and feeling unhealthy, I made the decision to live a better life.

I am sharing my story through a separate blog,

To help prepare for the new diet, I did a bit of research.

Looking at what contains carbs and what doesn’t really surprised me.

I created a list of foods that (a) have low carbs and (b) I actually like.

And then, to make it fell less like a ‘diet’, I created ‘Our Family Menu’ to make it feel more yummy…!

You can download ‘Our Family Menu’ [PDF, 1 page]

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