And then there are awesome days!

Some days are just awesome.

You know the ones, when you go home from work inspired, buzzing and proud.

Today was one of them.

Anybody that knows me or has read any of my posts will know how much inspiring people, especially the next generation, means to me.

Well, today, I had honour of spending about 2 hours with two members of our local youth council. As part of a local children’s takeover day, we hosted two teenagers.

We spent the time looking at our Children and Young People’s Plan.

We had already involved them in shaping our priorities and actions so today was looking at the next stage.

We were looking at how we should design it –

  • What language we should use?
  • What language we shouldn’t use?
  • How do we get young people to read it and care about it?
  • Do we use photos or cartoon images?
  • What font should we use?
  • How long should it be?
  • How should we word the actions and priorities?

They shaped all of those points.

The next stage

I’m so excited about having the privilege of putting their thoughts, ideas and decision into actions.

I’ll share more when I can.

Some days are awesome.


Photo by Adrian Sava on Unsplash

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