A new goal – let’s build an app!

This time in 2015 I wrote a blog post which shared my belief in not setting New Year’s Resolutions.

History and experience has taught me that I’m no more likely to stick to a promise because I make it on first day of the year than I am sticking to a promise that I make on the 269th day of the year.

It’s just who I am.

I will stick to a promise I make to myself when I am ready. So, in 2018, I will be continuing with my tradition and making zero New Year’s Resolutions.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t set myself goals.

Instead I do this throughout the year – when I am ready.

For example, last week I made a promise to myself that I will learn how to build an app.

As the founder of a web and brand design studio, designing a website or brand is something that I can do relatively easily; however, I have never built an app before. I’ve never even studied how to start creating an app let alone code an app from scratch.

But I am committed to learning how to do this.

This is my latest goal  – something that will challenge me, stretch my ability and help me learn a new skill. It’s also a way of helping helping me live my personal purpose (or my WHY).

What kind of app am I looking at?

Well, through my company, Burning Leaf Creatives, in 2017 I set up a product arm, Three Smiles.

Three Smiles is focused on crafting personalised resources, tools and advice for children and adults with disabilities and additional needs.

Through my personal experiences and life this is something really close to my heart.

As the parent of three children with disabilities and additional needs this is a personal project which I am delivering with my wife (the real brains behind the project) to:

  • help other parents learn what we have learnt
  • access support that can make a huge difference to their lives
  • use our skills to help transform the lives of these families

We know how much of a strain being a parent of children with disabilities and additional needs can be – and we are committed to making it easier, if that’s possible, for others.

Now back to the app

Over the past few years we have been using an app called Calm Talk with our own children.

We have seen how much of an impact it has on both calming them down and also on helping them communicate with us and others.

All was going swimming until iOS 11 was released – and the app makers haven’t updated their app. Now we have limited access to Calm Talk on the one iPad which we haven’t updated to iOS 11.

There are also some bits of the app which just don’t fit our children or which are missing. This can cause additional stresses, strains and frustrations for our children – the opposite of the apps purpose.

So, I am going to set myself a goal to design, build and launch an app during 2018 that does everything that our boys need.

Through Three Smiles we will then make this available to the wider ‘disability world’.

Here’s to progress!

And wish me luck…

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