Mental health, my story

In case you hadn’t noticed, today is world mental health day.

For years I have been a strong believer in the importance of raising awareness of mental health, of tackling the stigma around it and for making sure people feel supported and able to talk about it.

And for world mental health day 2017 I want to open up a little more about me.

I’ve been through a fair few things in my 30+ years of life and have quite a stress inducing home life with demands, challenges and strains.

During my life I have always ‘got on with it’.
Smiled through it. Pretended to get through the day.

And then earlier this year, something changed.

I felt less able to cope. Less able to smile. Less able to pretend.

After much badgering from my wife and family, I took myself to see my GP.

I was dreading it.

Opening up about it was harder than I thought. But I did.

I am now on medication to help. I have put non-medication things in place to.

And after 2 months or so I feel a little better, but not hugely.

Writing this is actually harder than I thought. Opening up about mental health is hard – but we need that to change. And to change we need to talk about it. So this is me talking about it.

This is me saying on World Mental Health Day I am 1 in 4.