Finding my why, understanding who I am

Living and being my WHY is an essential part of who I am, why I get out bed in the morning and why I do what I do. 

To help me articulate my WHY clearer and make sure I accurately understand my WHY, I’ve started to work through the new book from Simon Sinek, David Mead and Peter Docker.

Last week I committed to publicly sharing my journey to Find My Why. This is the second post of my journey.

A key element of understanding your WHY is to understand your history. What has made you the person that you are today. From the moment you were born, you have been shaping your WHY. 

Through a mixture of nature, nurture and personal experiences you shaped who you are. 

And I believe, through a mixture of those elements, together with your DNA and brain development, your WHY has been both shaped by your experiences in addition to it shaping your experiences.

To understand your WHY, David and Peter, the doers with ‘their feet on the ground’ to Simon’s visionary ‘head in the clouds’ approach, argue that you need to understand your history. 

And the best way of doing that is to identify some key stories from your life so far and share them with someone you trust to help you identify themes which will become your WHY and your HOW.

As part of my public journey to Find My Why, I’m going to share my stories with you all.

These will be personal stories which evoke an emotional response in me – they the best type for this activity. Some I am proud about, some not so. Some of them will open up some vulnerabilities in me – but I trust you to use this knowledge about me wisely. Some of them I have shared with others before and some only those really close to me know. 

But for me to do this properly, they need to be added into my journey.  

Later today I am going to spend some time identifying the stories that show who I am – I will then share them with you all.

More tomorrow.

Inspire on!

You can find out more about Find Your Why from Simon’s website,, and download the Find Your Why activity sheets from

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