Finding my WHY, the start of my journey of self-discovery 

Last week I started reading Find Your Why, the new book and tool from Simon Sinek and his team. 

My WHY, my personal purpose and values, are hugely important to me. I’ve studied my WHY for a long term. I’ve tweaked it over time to articulate in different ways, each time trying to improve it.

But it still isn’t feeling right. 

So, I brought Simon’s new book to go on a self-discovery journey to review and then better articulate my WHY.

Except, I’m going to go on this journey with you all. 

That decision actually come’s from my WHY – as does this blog and my own company, Burning Leaf Creatives.

My WHY at the moment is:

“To help people and organisations transform so that they can become better versions of themselves”

But during my journey I will be reflecting on this, challenging it and refining the wording. 

So, this post is the first of a set. I will honestly and openly share my journey with you all. Hopefully I can inspire you to find your WHY. 

By also going public with this I’m hoping you can hold me to account for it and offer me guidance, challenge and your insights.

Inspire on!

You can find out more about Find Your Why from Simon’s website,, and download the Find Your Why activity sheets from

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