TEAM lookout, smarter priorities for your team

TEAM lookout is a tool to help you understand and pull together a ‘team priorities plan’ created by your team for your team

I believe that the best leaders are the one’s that empower, engage and listen to their teams.

They ask them for their direct input, they make themselves vulnerable, and they give their team a balance of responsibility and accountability.

TEAM lookout is a tool that is designed to do all of that.

It helps a leader ask for the direct input of their team by asking the team to identify what they believe the team’s priorities are.

It makes the leader vulnerable as it says ‘I don’t know everything, I want and need your input’.

And it helps give individuals within teams responsibility as they have identified the priorities.

The job of the leader is then to give the individual the accountability for those priorities.

Give someone responsibility and they will do their best. Make them accountable and they will do even better – Simon Sinek

Download TEAM lookout

Click on the image below:

TEAMLookout_black (1)

If you have a difficulty with the link, click on:


Ask each member of your team to answer the following questions to let you know what they think your priorities are.

Encourage your team to include anything that they want –

1/ something that they are working on
2/ something that they know the team are working on
3/ something that they think you should work on
4/ or anything else…

You can then use all of the feedback to start pulling together your team priority plan.

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