Looking backwards to move forward 

Over the past few days I have been writing about my reflections on the last 21 months in my journey of leading my team towards becoming a ‘great team’. I have covered the topics of the importance of time and patience, how I became more vulnerable to build trust, and how I have been working on communicating towards trust.

And I want to finish this set of reflections with a look forward towards 2017.

2017 is looking exciting for my team – and for me as a leader.

We know we have some really awesome projects to deliver that will have a real impact.

Some of the things that we have done over the past few years have formed the ground work that we can now use to build upon. Some of the work has been a hard slog that has given us some small improvements and impact, and now the ground work is in place, we can move onto making a real difference.

We exist as a team to do that so now we need to crack on and deliver.

Its an opportunity that we must really grasp with both hands – I know I will be.

We know that other colleagues are starting to benefit from some of the bits we have been working on.

From those foundations, we are starting to deliver real change and benefits to our colleagues outside of our team.

And that’s essential.

As a support function we have to add value. We have to take the public funding that pays our wages and we have to add value to it, otherwise, why are we here?

And, as we end 2016, there are two key projects that will happen in the early New Year that will do just that. But, ,ore on those another day.

We have a new leadership team in place.

Probably the most exciting part of the end of 2016 was the new leadership team that was put in place from 1 December.

We now have a leadership team with a clear sense of direction, with real passion, and a clear purpose of why we exist as a service.

We have a leader in place that is driven by his WHY, and that makes it an awesome place to be.

Having the new leadership team in place is bringing change at pace, and we are at the heart of it. If we don’t make the most of that we will be the only ones who lose out. This opportunity is ours to waste.

Except, I wont let the team do that.

It’s my job to keep us on track with the team helping us to keep all our plates spinning. I plan to do just that.

And we have the opportunity to help develop two people at the start of their careers. 

Whilst having a new leadership team in place was the perfect finale to 2016, being giving the opportunity to help two people at the start of their careers to develop into high quality leaders of the future is the perfect way to start 2017.

Not only will they bring extra energy, extra bodies and a fresh approach to thinking through what we do & how we do it into the team, their year long internships with us will enable me to help them develop as individuals and as potential leaders for tomorrow.

And that’s a responsibility that I take very seriously – and I cant wait to get started.

But more than all of that, we have the foundation that we have created over the past few years to build on – and I’m confident that we will become a ‘great team’.

On paper 2017 looks like one of those years that should fill us with excitement. And, for me it does – I can’t wait to get started. And now it is my job to help my team to feel the same.

2017 is almost here – it’s going to be a good one…

Bye for now.

Here’s to progress.

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