Creating a recipe, collating the ingredients

In my post yesterday I set out what I believe a ‘great team’ looks, acts and feels like – in other words, what I see the main ingredients of a ‘great team’ are.

Like a recipe, this collection of attributes is created by bringing together a number of individual, yet connected, elements, or as I like to think of them, ingredients. And over the last couple of years I have been working on pulling these ingredients together within my team to help us on our journey towards becoming a great team.

Some of this has been straightforward. Some have been a struggle. Other bits have occurred organically and some have required conscious thought & effort every day. But all are essential if we are going to develop into a great team over time.

And I think the acknowledgement of the importance of time is key.

In fact, time was one of the first ingredients that I identified at the start of this journey – and I deliberately refer to it as a journey.

At the beginning I was impatient. I was expecting change to happen quickly and automatically. I thought that if I did a few actions early on, it would have a swift impact on the team and things would just happen. Well, life doesn’t work quite like that. I soon learnt that if I wanted to see change I needed to have a number of consistent actions that I repeated every day.


And I also learnt that, just like making a recipe, I needed to stagger the implementation of the ingredients. I learnt that if I just chucked everything in at once, nothing would set, and we would just have a mess.

I tried to take a number of actions early and quickly, but they didn’t stick. The team didn’t buy into them. In fact they seemed to cause confusion and inertia. Whats more, as I was trying to do so much at one time, I wasn’t sticking to the changes either. I too was getting bogged down in other bits, I was letting things slip, and I wasn’t be the leader the team needed.

If I wasn’t implementing the changes we needed consistently, how could I expect my team to do it?

Then it hit me, I was struggling to implement the changes as none of them had become habits for me yet. I still was resorting to my old habits – being a lone-leader, not delegating, not communicating properly – so I needed to change how I was implementing the changes. I decided to take one at a time.

The first change I set myself the challenge of tackling was being a lone-leader. Read how I did that with the help of my next ingredient – trust – in my next post tomorrow.

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