Closing the feedback loop – showing the impact

Feedback. Why do it? Nobody listens, it makes no difference, and waste of everyone’s time.

Have you felt like that? I know I have.

That’s usually caused be one of two issues –

  • people only asking you for your thoughts because they have to rather than because they want to – or
  • because the people who asked for your thoughts never told you what they did with them

Well, I’m on a crusade to stop that. I’m working to close the feedback loop. I want people to see that spending their time talking to me was worth it. It has made a difference. They have had an impact.

And today I am proud to close the loop on one of the projects that I have been working on.

Between April and July 2016 my team have been working on a project to meet face-to-face with a number of parents & carers of children & young people with disabilities & learning needs to seek their direct feedback & comments on our new website. The team also met with other professionals for their input too.

And today, we have launched our report which collates the feedback, comments & ideas received – and the actions that the team have taken, or have not taken (as this is important to).

Everybody that we spoke to will receive a link to the report. We want them to know that they have been listened to; that they did not waste their time; and that they have an impact.

I want to close the feedback loop.

You can check out the report for yourself at

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