Inspire more – make a bigger impact

Simon Sinek, you know, the guy from ‘Start with Why’ and that TED talk* is back.

Not being satisfied with his ‘Start with Why’ movement, with his best selling books, and that TED talk, Simon is on the next stage of his mission to inspire us all.

To do that he’s launched a new book, Together is Better – which I have pre-ordered so should be in the post today…eeekk! Quite excited!

Together is Better is a delightfully illustrated fable about a boy who takes a stand for what he believes in on the playground serves as the backdrop for the book’s broader message: we are more likely to overcome our struggles and difficulties to find what we are looking for when we are willing to take others with us on the journey.

And to help get that message across, Simon has reached out to another person who is devoted to inspiring people and spreading optimism – Aloe Blacc.

And together they have worked their magic.

They have created a musical video to go with the book which merges Aloe’s Together song – one of my favourite songs ever! – with Simon’s book, and it is, well, just watch and see –



Please feel free to share this post with others. Together we can inspire more. Together we can make a bigger impact.

Together is better.

* His TED talk, How great leaders inspire action, has now been viewed a massive 28,298,371 times…!

Living to make #humanity better by bringing together #design#digitalliving,#creativity & people.

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