Refocusing me – my new working day challenge

I have written a lot before about how I want to be a better me, and as part of this, I continually look at myself and see what I can do better.

And I did just that this morning!


I was on the train to work, sitting down, without a paper to read (I was running too late to stop at the shop!) I was thinking and reflecting – and I started to feel stuck again. I couldn’t put my finger on what it was, I just wasn’t feeling that I was going anywhere – not literally, the train was moving! I was feeling overwhelmed with stuff I have been reading about all things that I just do in life – stuff like design thinking, digital living, user needs, reframing, and challenging the status quo.

So I turned to my iPad and found an app that has been a constant companion to me – my Unstuck app from SYPartners.

After going through the different parts of the app I identified that I was indeed stuck. The app then helped me get unstuck by identifying some simple actions I can do myself to move forward.

And one of these actions, was that I decided to create a new daily challenge and habit for myself.


I decided that to help me refocus myself, I needed to start looking at my life, my ‘everyday’, and my regular experiences through a new lens. So I decided to try something that I have read about several times before, and which builds on my new hobby of photography:

I have decided that for my next 20 work days – I tend to only work 4 days a week so this will be for about 5 weeks – I will take a different picture using my iPhone of a different part of my journey to work for no other reason then to just look at the mundane things differently.


By doing this I also hope that I will see things I have never seen before. I hope to learn to challenge what I see around me at work and to question more of the ‘office everyday’ so I can identify ways that we can do our work better. I also want to use this different lens to experience new things too – things that I have missed.

So, I did  just that on my way home.


Except, I then got stuck again!

Instead of just photographing something and sharing it, I was procrastinating by trying to find the perfect picture – which I have noticed is also one of my habits that I can get into at work. So, I’m hoping that this challenge will help with that too!

After a bit of talking to myself, I decided to take a picture of the next thing I saw – and I did just that. And what I saw brought a wry smile to my face – this fitted perfectly to my new challenge.

This is the result:



Keep an eye out for next photo tomorrow 🙂

Here’s to doing life, better.

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