Unlocking my best self to leadfully

Recently I’ve signed to start using the new toy, sorry, tool from SYPartnersLeadfully.


Leadfully provides a system of tips, tools, and everyday actions you can use to activate your authentic leadership style.


As part of the daily challenges, thoughts & inspiration that they send out via e-mail, they sent a challenge to “turn impossible into possible”.


What does this mean?

Well, quite simply, it’s about engineering growth opportunities by raising the bar to encourage people to stretch beyond what they believe is possible.

And this is something that I am 100% fully committed too.

For us to be a great team, we need to be great people. And to be great people, we need to grow, stretch ourselves and tackle scary & challenging situations. You know, those situations that you don’t feel prepared for – but you go for it anyway. [As a side, Julie Felner wrote about her experience of this only yesterday].

As Richard Branson once quoted:

If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!


Except, that if a member of my team did this, I want to be there for them – to help, support & encourage. In other words, to be their leader.

And Leadfully has just challenged me to do just that!


The challenge

As part of the challenge, over the weekend I will be stepping back and thinking about the work my team is doing and how it’s assigned to make sure there is a meaty stretch assignment for each person.

This could be mastery of a skill, a new behaviour, or a task they’ve never had to handle before.

The goal is to make sure there is something new that’s a reasonable stretch for each person.

So that’s what I’m doing.


I’m pulling together my thoughts into a single place – which I won’t be able to share as it’s personal for each person – and will then sit down with each team member to then do the second part.

Although, here is a screen shot of the templates I am using:

Page 1 – 

Team development - goals, stretches and challenges_2016-01-08_Page_1

Page 2 – 

Team development - goals, stretches and challenges_2016-01-08_Page_3


The second part

This is then followed by the other key element of this challenge.

During my next one-on-one, I will be waking each person through how I’ve been thinking about new ways they can grow. And I will be asking them to think about their own ideas before the meeting too.

We will then work together to create a shared plan.

Thank you again SYPartners for making a tool that is helping me and my team aim towards greatness.

Join us on the journey – visit https://leadfully.com to sign up today.

Here’s to progress.

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