Book 4 – Superteams by Khoi Tu

This is the fourth book in my countdown of my top 5 books around leadership, personal development, and self discovery.

What’s the book about?

“In Superteams, renowned teamwork specialist Khoi Tu explains how to make sure your team delivers consistently superior results and emerges stronger from the inevitable crises you will face.

What do the SAS, Ferrari and the Rolling Stones have in common? Their success is about much more than talented individuals. They are Superteams.

Every organisation, whether a business or a sports club, lives or dies by the quality of its teamwork. No man can be an island for long; only great teams can face a crisis and emerge stronger. So how do you build the right team? Many people think of it like a rock supergroup: bring the best of the best together and magic will happen. Yet supergroups often flop, while bands of unknowns rise to the top.

In this incisive and inspirational book, renowned teamwork specialist Khoi Tu explains how to make sure your team delivers consistently superior results, whatever your aim: averting business failure or resolving political conflict, dealing with a hostage situation or leading your team to sporting victory.

Superteams takes seven legendary teams – including animation studio Pixar, Europe’s 2010 Rider Cup winners, and the people behind the Northern Ireland peace process – and analyses their inner workings, evolution and defining moments.

‘This book shows what people can do when the going gets tough and there’s a goal to be achieved. Nice one Khoi’ Jamie Oliver

– © Amazon


Why did I choose this book?

About a year ago or so, I set out my ambition to go on a journey to transform my team into a great team.

This book has helped me on this journey by providing experience, learning and ideas from some of the most successful teams that there has ever been. These are all teams that I have admired from a range of different areas of life. Sport, politics, the army, and others.

Each story provides valuable learning all brought together into a single book.

Has it made me a better leader and my team a great team? Im not sure we are there yet, but it has certainly helped me on the journey.


What does the book look like?



Why should you read it?

  1. If you are a leader in an organisation – this counts for everyone, not just leaders in a formal hierarchy – then Superteams provides page after page of tools, techniques and methods to make yourself a better leader
  2. The stories about the transformation of each team illustrates the different elements that need to come together to make a great team, including forging a common purpose, shaping the environment, building cohesion and mastering conflict
  3. The book is written in way that can be easily read in short bursts, like on a commute, and in a way that you can relate to with excellent story telling


Where can you buy it?

If you are in the UK, you can order Superteams from Waterstones.

Alternatively, you can download Superteams for your Kindle or as a hardcopy from Amazon, or download Superteams from iTunes.

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