Book 3 – The 3 Volumes to help you make ideas happen by 99U

This is the third book in my countdown of my top 5 books around leadership, personal development, and self discovery. Find out what was first and second in my list.

What’s the book about?

Book 1 –

“Are you over-extended, over-distracted, and overwhelmed? Do you work at a breakneck pace all day, only to find that you haven t accomplished the most important things on your agenda when you leave the office?

The world has changed and the way we work has to change, too. With wisdom from 20 leading creative minds, “Manage Your Day-to-Day” will give you a toolkit for tackling the new challenges of a 24/7, always-on workplace.”

Book 2 – 

“Can you step outside your comfort zone? Bounce back from failure? Build new skills? Tapping into your true potential is no idle endeavor. It demands creativity, dedication, and a whole lot of hustle.

With wisdom from 21 leading creative minds, 99U’s Maximize Your Potential will show you how to generate new opportunities, cultivate your creative expertise, build valuable relationships, and take bold, new risks so that you can utilize your talents to the fullest.”

Book 3 – 

Are you ready to “make a dent in the universe”? As a creative, you no longer have to take a backseat. In fact, stepping up and embracing entrepreneurship is the fastest route to impact. But where do you start? And what sets the businesses that succeed apart?

We tapped 21 leading entrepreneurs and experts to share their best practices for launching a purpose-driven business, refining your product, delighting your customers, inspiring your team—and ultimately—making something that matters.”


Why did I choose this book?

I stumbled across 99U a couple of years ago and just fell completely and utterly, head over heels, in love with them. Their philosophy. Their approach. Their purpose. Their website. Their conferences. basically, all of them.

99U is Behance‘s effort to provide the “missing curriculum” for making ideas happen by helping people make great ideas a reality, by encouraging everyone to act, experiment, fail, adapt, and learn on a daily basis. They offer and share an amazingly pragmatic, action-oriented insights from leading researchers and visionary creatives to empower people to make good on the ideas that have got.

And when I realised that they were publishing their own books, I just had to buy them.

So, when the third book was published at the end of 2014 I brought all three. And then I read them in the wrong order! But that didn’t matter. They didn’t need to be read from book 1 through to book 3. They could be read in what ever order you like.

I started with book 3 as this opened with the best chapter of the whole collection. The opening chapter was written by the brilliantly insightful Keith Yamishita, Chairman of SYPartners.  Now, readers of this blog will know that SY have had a huge impact on me and the person I am today, and the person I want to be tomorrow and in the future.

In this chapter, Keith encourages you to think about what your personal purpose is in life – and then share it with the world. So I did just that.

And since then, my personal purpose is guiding everything that I do.

But, the books are much more than that. They are built around 20 or so chapters of practical advice from people who have turned their ideas into actions. The chapters are action orientated, short enough to read on the daily commute, and focus on one thing – helping you be a better you.


What does the book look like?



Why should you read it?

  1. If you want to move away from talk to action, you just have to read the advice of the 60+ people who have been there and done it – and see how they wisdom and experience can help you
  2. You will learn how you can make an impact in the world and leave your dent on humankind by learning in practical steps how to step up and embrace entrepreneurship as the fastest route to impact
  3. The books will help you focus on how you can manage yourself and your team to be a better you by harnessing your dreams, personal purpose, skills and beliefs to make a difference by bringing your ideas to life


Where can you buy it?

If you are in the UK, you can order the three books from Waterstones.

Alternatively, you can download them on your Kindle or as a hardcopy from Amazon.

You can also download them as an audiobook from iTunes.

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