Book 2 – The Knowledge – Management and Leadership from A to Z by Carl Taylor

This is the second book in my countdown of my top 5 books around leadership, personal development, and self discovery. Find out what the first one was in my early post.

What’s the book about?

“The Knowledge Management and Leadership from A to Z provides a comprehensive development resource that you can access over and over again throughout your career. It contains notes on learning styles to assist you in developing your effectiveness as a learner, an opening story to set the scene for exploring your own experiences of management and leadership, and A to Z sections that cover topics and exercises for leaders, managers and teams seeking to continuously improve. As the demands made upon us become ever more challenging, and budgets become ever tighter, you ll find The Knowledge invaluable as a life-long guide and mentor.”


Why did I choose this book?

I was privileged to meet Carl over 10 years ago in my very first leadership course when I was in my early twenties – and have been lucky to stay in regular contact with him since then.

What Carl taught me in those 3 days – and another 2 courses following this, plus endless positive & supportive feedback outside the courses – has helped make me the leader that I am today – and the leader I want to be tomorrow.

Carl manages to squeeze 20 years of professional coaching, insight and relevant tools into 160 pages of pure gold dust. Coupled with Carl’s amazing storytelling, the book comes alive around the story of Wayne, Payne, Sayne and Jayne, and their journey to building the cathedral.

This book is quite simply a practical handbook for individuals, teams and organisations to help them develop both individually and as a collective. This is something that I promise you will refer to over and over again.


What does the book look like?


Why should you read it?

  1. If you are a leader in an organisation – this counts for everyone, not just leaders in a formal hierarchy – then this book provides 24 pages of tools, techniques and methods to make yourself a better leader
  2. The 26 sections of the book offer you 26 opportunities to reflect, 26 different team exercises, and 26 times to sit back and link the pieces together
  3. The story of Wayne, Payne, Sayne and Jayne, and their journey to building the cathedral, brings the book to life and makes it easy to link what you are learning in the book into your workplace as each character is an accurate archetype of people we have all encountered in our teams


Where can you buy it?

There are not many copies left to buy on Amazon; but, you can download the app – which has a pdf copy of the book – from iTunes.

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