Making progress to make a difference 

Section 3 of Chapter 1 of my story so far – Making progress to make a difference.

I’m recapping chapter 1 of the story before I start chapter 2 shortly…..



During my last couple of posts – ‘The importance of purpose‘ and ‘Getting unstuck to make progress‘ – I wrote about the time that I lost, & then refound my purpose, and then what helped inspire to get unstuck to make progress.

This post follows on from there.


By using the awesome Unstuck app, I now had a better understanding of what was stopping me, and a set of realistic actions focused on helping me to move forward to achieve my vision of what & who I wanted to be.

I started by setting myself a challenging vision to work towards. Something that would stretch me. Something that was built on my beliefs. Something that could guide me in all my decisions.

This was my vision:

I will have a positive impact on all the people that I touch in the world – my…

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