Getting unstuck to make progress

Section 2 of Chapter 1 of my story so far – Getting Unstuck to make Progress



After spending so long thinking about, but not actually writing, my first post, I wanted my second one to be quite soon after the first. The very insightfulGretchin Rubin says that you should blog everyday to help you get in the habit of doing it. I’m not sure I’m ready for that, but it’s a good aspiration to aim for!

In my first post – The importance of purpose – I wrote a lot about why I believe understanding your purpose is so key, and finished the post off with a story about the time that I lost mine. This post takes on the next chapter of that story.


A few funny things happened over that winter. Not only did I challenge and change myself, I also found a few new sources of inspiration. Things that I could connect with. Things that I believed in. Things that gave…

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