A #RUDay

So today I’ve been out of the office at an event for service designers in local government and the wider public sector. The day is advertised as, and called, a “Really Useful Day”. Or #RUDay for short. 

So I went in to the session today really hopefully that for a full day away from the office I, my team and the public that pay my wages would get something out it.

And I was also hopefully that I would met more service design geeks who I can have a conversation with and who speak my language. 

Now I’m on the train back home I’m reflecting on the day – and asking myself whether it did fulfil both those things.

And, honestly, yes it did. On fact, it more than met my expectations. 

I’ve came away fully recharged about the benefits of service design. 

I’ve come away with so much belief that the way my team works is right. 

And, I’ve came away with an action plan that I can put in place when I am back in the office that won’t cost the public anymore money but will lead to real benefits to the lives of citizens.

A win-win all around. 

So team, it’s time to put these things in place, and to continue to do life, better.