The morning challenge

Last week was a special week. It was the first week back at school for the new academic year. 

Just the same as every year it happens in early September. 

After six weeks of holidays, kids and parents have to start the morning routine that has been dormant for six weeks. All getting dressed in their school uniform. All getting their school shoes on. All eating breakfast. All lunches made and packed. All being out of the door early enough to make sure they are on time.

The normal structure, routines and habits return.

Except, this year in the Watts household it was an extra special occasion. 

This year all the kids in the Watts household were now at school. The oldest boy has been at primary school for a couple of years, but his younger twins were now starting their formal primary education.
This meant three lots of uniforms to get ready, three lots of school shoes to get on, three lots of book bags and lunch boxes to pack. And then all three lots – and children – to be loaded into the car. 

And then the journey started to get all three to school. 

But, the problem with this is that they are at two different schools. 

The oldest boy is in a mainstream primary school where he is able to access a full academic curriculum and, where he is flourishing when his needs that come from his Aspergers and anxiety are met and supported. 

The twins, however, are now at an amazing special school which can tailor their support and he curriculum around their complex needs and disabilities to help them flourish. And their school is a good 20 minutes drive from the oldest boy’s school. But, getting them in the right school is more than worth the extra stress and pressure that this causes.

So, the last week or so has been a bit different. 

Last week went really, really well. All three were going into school happily – and I had the week off to be there to help with things.

And then on Monday this week I went back to work. 

The school runs went really well on Monday – and so that’s what I was telling people when they were asking in th office. 

And then I cursed it!

The last two days have been a bit of a challenge. I’ve had to wait around at home and help my wife – who is amazing – with them a little more as they’ve have started to struggle a little more. 

And, which meant I was a little later getting into work. 

And then when I’ve got to work I’ve been distracted, I’ve had higher levels of stress and I’ve felt bad then for the impact that this has had on my team. I’ve not brought the best of myself into work.

At these points I kick myself more for not being a better leader, member and person for the team; for not being a better husband and father as I can’t help more; and for not feeling that I’m giving either my family or my team what they need.

And for that I’m sorry.

I will continue to aim to do life, better

So this morning I’m going to walk slightly slower to the office and get a coffee to chill a little more so that at least when I get into work I can be a better person. 

And whilst I’m doing that I’m also going to text my wife a loving message to show that, although I can’t be there physically with her, I am with her in heart and thoughts.

This is another step towards me doing life, better.

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