The end of the silence

Readers of my blog may have noticed that things have been a bit quiet on here recently. Apart from the odd quote, I’ve just realised that I’ve not actually written a ‘proper’ blog post for about 2 months. And at points during that time, it seemed like it was an eternity – but at other times it felt like it was only yesterday.

Part of the reason for the silence isn’t that I had run out of things to say – I feel I could right several posts a day! – it’s just that I had to refocus my energy and enthusiasm elsewhere for a while. During the 2 months several events have been happening away from the blog. Some have been really exciting. Some have been really challenging and life-changing. And some have been the culmination of lots of energy, time, love, sweat, tears, struggles, happiness and joy all in one.

Here’s a summary —

1. I published my first ever book – Love Lights – for my wife for our 13th anniversary in August. Love Lights, a poetry book, will be available to order shortly. But until then, check out some photos of the unique version that made up the anniversary present. Let me know if you would like me to drop you an e-mail when it’s ready.

2. The first person that I have ever recruited has started and has been amazing! Read my thoughts about the process for how I wanted to recruit the right person.

3. My team has hosted three work experience placements, including someone who is ‘looked after’ or in the care by the local council. I was extremely keen to use these opportunities as a way of giving something back to society by giving all three a meaningful and worthwhile placement. I hope it was.

4. I had my first job interview for about two years. I didn’t get the post, but going through the process taught me a lot about the current position of my career, what I want to do next, and how I want to present myself for the next period of my life. I’ll blog a bit more about this shortly.

5. As part of the point above, I have completely redesigned my personal brand to make it consistent, authentic and, well, more me. This included a reimagined CV, my first ever business cards, and then using this style for my interview presentation.

6. I’ve published my design sheet, redesigned in both landscape and portrait format to help others. You can download for free!

7. I’ve got back into reading new things – new books, new blogs (shout out to the amazing Julie Felner here!) and new publishers.

8. All three of my children are now at school! The twins started in Reception last week and, after months and months and months of fighting to get them into the right school to meet their complex needs and disabilities, their school is an amazing place!

9. My wife has been diagnosed with two chronic progressive diseases – rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia – which are going to make our family’s lives different forever.

10. The health of my grandparents-in-law has deteriorated significantly over the past few weeks – and it is looking like it will be an emotional, roller-coaster for the family for a while yet.

11. And, wanting to finish on a more positive point, I’ve recommitted to writing more for the blog again! So expect more from me very soon.

Until next time – remember, try to do life, better.

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