Making life better for people with dementia

Over the past month or so, my team has been working hard developing a single point of information and advice for people with dementia and their carers in the borough of Bromley.

As part of this work, we:

Dementia Consultation - carousel image

1) Ran a consultation of people with dementia and their carers to understand their needs better where we heard from 150+ people via a survey and face-to-face focus groups –

Dementia committment wall Dementia washing line

2) Ran a conference to use the information gained through the engagement and the knowledge and commitment of delegates to make Bromley a better place for people with dementia and their carers to live –

  • Map dementia and generic services and activities for people with dementia and their carers and identify gaps
  • Look at the role of the community in helping people with dementia to live fulfilling lives and identify commitments from delegates and their organisations to promote this
  • How information about services and activities can reach all affected by dementia
  • How gaps in services and activities can be filled and best practice spread

Bromley MyLife Dementia responsive pages

3) Use the knowledge from 1 + 2 above to design, build and launch a new ‘Living well with Dementia’ section on our website (the Bromley MyLife website) which together a range of information and advice about dementia, the services and support available across the borough and nationally, and a list of things to do and places to go for people with dementia and their family & friends – see

4) And today we moved into the wider promotion of the website with the printing of our posters and leaflets:

Bromley MyLife Dementia leaflets 01_single_Page_2 Bromley MyLife Dementia leaflets 02_single_Page_2

To keep the costs as low as possible, all of the designs above have been made by my team. In fact, throughout the whole of this project its will have cost the public less than £500 (excluding our time).

It’s moments like this, where seeing all these bits together in one place, really does make me proud of the team.

We are hoping that these projects will help people with dementia, their carers and those working (or volunteering) to help them to “do life, better“.

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