Find your superpower

I’ve wrote quite a lot in this blog about how I used the SYPartners tools to find my superpower – and then how I started to live, breathe and be my superpower.

A superpower is:

A natural talent someone brings to the team when it’s most in need of help

I have been using the online digital superpowers tool through the Teamworks product to find my individual superpower and also the superpower of each member of my team.

Well, today, I received the brilliant Superpowers tool in its new format –

a deck of playing cards.

The cards were originally launched by SYPartners when they hosted an event during the 99U conference in New York City in April. Although I couldn’t attend the conference or be in New York at the time, I did see them being shared across social media.

And then today I got to touch and hold them for the first time

And straight away I loved the new format. Having them in card format makes them even more fun, even more useable as we can play the game anywhere, and in this digital world, it’s still nice to hold and touch something that has been made and printed. Especially when they are this good quality!

So I set about testing the cards by seeing what my superpower is again. And guess what, the cards identified my superpower again as creative thinking.

So I’m pleased to say you’ve done it again guys – what a great product to help in the fight for greatness.

If you would like to purchase a pack for yourself or your team, check out the Superpowers website at

Here’s to progress – and here’s to fighting for greatness.

Let’s do life, better.

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