Improving your experience of my website

I’ve just given my ‘digital home’ a little refresh to give you – yes, you – a better experience of my website.


Clearer sections

I’ve separated the website into the following four areas:

  1. Progress – my blog about my personal leadership and management development, and how I am working to support my team to become a great team 
  2. Love Lights – bits of my poetry which are usually about love (also available through my publishing arm RedPuffin)
  3. Living & being my superpower – examples of what I have produced, been responsible for and developments in my work
  4. Connect with me – the different ways that we can connect
  5. Giving things back – things that I am giving things back to the world for free

Check it out at

My Scribble Pads

I’ve also added a new product to my Giving things back to the world page. My Scribble Pads offer free open space for notes, drawings, diagrams, etc. as there are no visual lines to contain your thoughts.

My Scribble Pads can be printed on A4 or A3. I recommend printing them double-sided, and flipped on the short edge, with about 10 inside sheets as well as the front cover/inside page. And then put them all together, fold in half and staple down the middle.

They are currently available in four colours: yellow [shown below], red, blue and pink/purple. Check them out on my Giving things back to the world page.

my notes_non thinkspace (A3) template_cover_Page_1 my notes_non thinkspace (A3) template_cover_Page_2

Living & being my superpower

Having a superpower of creative thinking means that over the years I’ve been involved in the production of a range of different things.

Visit my new Living & being my superpower page to find out how I’m living & being my superpower in my work.

What do you think?

I’d love to know what you think. So, have a click around the site – and drop me a message if you want to join me in my journey “to do life, better“.

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