Building the right team with the right people

A few weeks ago I published a post about how I working on building the right team with the right people.

Well, today I get to spend some time working on the interview questions for when I meet the three shortlisted candidates on Monday.

Here’s to progress…


Over the last few weeks I’ve been reading a brilliant book by Khoi Tu called Superteams: How to Take Your Team to the Top. In Superteams, Khoi uses the examples of seven great teams to reveal the secrets to taking a team to the top.

And, one of the key secrets is the need to build the right team with the right people.

Not necessarily the best people but the best team of people. And although each of these does not need to be the best in their field, they should be near the top.  For this to work, the leader of the team should be able to choose the right people that they need in their team.

But, one of the real-life complexities that many managers faces is that quite often they do not get to pick the people that make up their team.

On a very few occasions, I…

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