Management, Leadership and Organization Development iOS App: The Knowledge!

As part of my personal development, I’ve been using this rather brilliant tool by The Knowledge Biz to (a) better understand myself and (b) identify how I can make myself better.

I fully recommend you have a look at this tool 🙂

theknowledgebiz's blog

If you have found the management, leadership and/or organization development content of this blog useful, you may be interested in Carl’s iOS App, ‘The Knowledge: Management and Leadership from A to Z’.

Screen shot - Home Page

The Introduction offers guidance on how you can develop yourself as an effective learner and provides tips on how to get the most from your use of the App.

Zen and the Art of Cathedral Building’ is the story of the building of the Sagrada Familia, or Gaudi Cathedral, in Barcelona. This story, which is part truth, part fiction, offers you a chance to think about management and leadership from a range of different perspectives. You can zoom in on the operational details or take the long view of the strategic content depending on your interests or current needs. You can then explore your own management and leadership challenges through the A to Z sections…

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