The darkness came
It touched you –
Changed you –
A grain of sand at a time.

One grain at first,
Then it became two,
It grew and took over you
As the time ticked by.

Watching you move
Into the darkness –
Trying to battle the
Dark grains as they grew.

The darkness grew
Stronger and stronger –
More and more of you
Left the light and being you.

Trying to stop the grains
Growing, increasing,
I did what I could but
They were too strong.

The you that I love –
The you that I knew –
Was changing into
Somebody I never knew.

It consumed you –
Put you in a dark place.
A place you didn’t want to be
Or wouldn’t let you stay.

We joined together
To fight the demons.
Then our light started to shine
On the grains of darkness.

Together we worked
At battling the dark –
Increasing the light,
Bit by bit.

The darkness would fade –
Before it came back again –
But we stayed strong and
We will battle through.

The darkness will not beat us.
Together we are one –
One with the strength to
Get you – and us – through.

We will act as one
To bring back the light
And change the dark grains
And to bring back your you.

– Created by Michael Watts, 2015 – http://www.iammichaelwatts.com & https://redpuffin.wordpress.com

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