The second bit of poetry from me today – which I also see working (with some tweaks) as lyrics:


Early morning,
I lay there watching,
The shadows stretching
Across the bed.
Early rays of
Morning warmth,
Hitting the sheets
Where you lay.

Your hair falls
To the sides
Of and
Around the shape
Of your face.
Cupping and
hugging the side
Of your cheek.

The tiny rise
In the corner of
Your mouth
When you stir –
Before the tunnels
Straight to
Your heart
Flick open.

Those brown eyes
Suck me in
And don’t let me out.
I don’t want them
To let me go –
Make them
Keep me in
Forever more.

The light shines
On your face –
It sparkles in
Your eyes.
The light stretches –
Spreading the warmth
Across the sheets –
Further in the room.

You smile as you wake –
With your eyes,
Lips, and then brush
Your hair off your face.
The start
Of every day, is
Something to treasure
And remember.

The first light
Of the day –
Shines on us.
The daylight spreading
The warmth and
The flickering light –
Illuminating and warming
The love between us.

This is heaven
And we live it daily.
We treasure these
Moments that
We are lucky to have.
We start every day
In the best of ways.
Now and always.

– Copyright Michael Watts, 2015 – &

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