The power of praise

Today was just another ordinary day in the office.

My team was building webpages around user needs. My team was challenging other teams to move to digital services. My team was writing strategies. My team was analysing feedback from our users.

And then something magical happened – we received an email. Okay, we all receive emails all day everyday.

But this email was different.

This email was written from one of our users. Opening it up with a moment where you instantly think – okay, what problem have they found.

But, this email was different – it was an email of praise.

Here’s what the email said:


The enhancements to your website are much improved. It’s more logical and easy to navigate, example: I’ve been looking at the fostering section over the last few months. I found it easier to find more information this visit than ever before plus events advertised on home page meant I didn’t have to search out what I was looking for, it was highlighted to me. 

Good job!”

Someone had really taken the time out of their day to email us those words. They were so impressed with our work that they had tell us.

That’s amazing!

Those words that they had typed were amazing. It proves that my team are making a difference.

That person will never know how those words have helped us – and how grateful we are to have their feedback. So much so that I’ve shared it with all the team and turned it into an A3 poster and put it on the wall.

This world really is amazing.

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