Making Ideas Happen

As the annual 99U Conference (by Behance) kicks off – it seems like the perfect timing to start putting the lessons that I am learning from Behance founder Scott Belsky‘s magical book – Making Ideas Happen – into action!


In the book – which I am only a third through – Scott sets out what he has learnt through years of research about how the most productive people stay productive and move from ideas to actions.

One of the biggest tips through the book is to see everything – and Scott means everything – as a project.

Work stuff – all projects. Personal stuff – all projects. Secret stuff that you don’t tell your husband/wife – all projects*

* But not recommended!

And whilst looking at everything as a project, Scott recommends breaking all the projects into 3 sections:

  1. Actions
  2. References
  3. Backburner

And when doing this – he recommends using a single method and system to manage ALL the projects.

So, today, that’s what I’ve done.

I’ve started using the brilliant Evernote as a single place to capture all my projects. I’ve downloaded the app onto my iPad, my phone, onto my laptop, and onto my desktop – with the great Chrome extension!  And I’ve starting creating my folders and notes.  And in each project I have the 3 sections – Actions, References and Backburner.

Already I have tick lists for the Actions. I have photos of post-it notes and e-mails saved for References. I have web articles saved in the Backburner.  I’ve created an ‘Actions for Today’ list.

And, I’ve taken Scott’s advice further.

I’ve created a ‘done’ folder so that when I’ve done the actions I can move them into the folder. Already I’m loving looking at what I have managed to achieve – and that’s just in 10 hours.

So I just want to say a huge “thank you” to Scott for helping me make my ideas happen. And to wish Scott, the team and everybody lucky enough to be in New York at the 99U Conference a brilliant few days.

One day I will be lucky enough to attend. Until then though, I’m going to be stalking the conference via social media.

Here’s to making things happen.

Here’s to progress.

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