Building the right team with the right people

Over the last few weeks I’ve been reading a brilliant book by Khoi Tu called Superteams: How to Take Your Team to the Top. In Superteams, Khoi uses the examples of seven great teams to reveal the secrets to taking a team to the top.

And, one of the key secrets is the need to build the right team with the right people.

Not necessarily the best people but the best team of people. And although each of these does not need to be the best in their field, they should be near the top.  For this to work, the leader of the team should be able to choose the right people that they need in their team.

But, one of the real-life complexities that many managers faces is that quite often they do not get to pick the people that make up their team.

On a very few occasions, I have met someone who was able to build their team from scratch with the people that they wanted.  And this is something that I have never had the opportunity to do. In fact, I’ve just realised that during the 4 years that I have had managerial responsibility for staff, I have never actually employed a new person. Everybody that has been in my teams were already there or they were moved into my team following a wider restructure. I have never been able to recruit the right person for my team.

Until today that is.

Today I have kicked off the recruitment process for a new member of staff to join my team on a part-time, temporary basis. Although I was tied to using an existing job description for the recruitment process  I was also able to write the advert how I wanted to write it. I was able to say who I wanted, what behaviours they need, and what I need them to be able to do.  I was also able to convey what my team is about – what we do and why we do it.

And here’s an except from the advert:

“…looking for the right person to join their small team for 6 months. The right person will spend their time supporting the team to live, breathe and be its purpose – to inform, listen to and learn from users of services to help them influence and drive change in services, knowledge and behaviour.


To do this, the right person will:

1) Have the confidence to put the user of the service at the heart of all their decisions – and by the user we mean members of the public and professionals

2) Have the personality that allows them to actively engage with, listen to and learn from people who are using our services – and then to be able to share that knowledge and intelligence with other people across the team and the department so we can do something with it

3) Have the experience to show that they can analyse and make sense of complex, and sometimes contradictory, intelligence – including hard facts like data as well as soft facts like general comments and feedback

As this is my first recruitment process I sit here with a mixture of excitement, nervousness and a little bit of trepidation. But, overall, I sit here with pride that I’ve been able to put an advert that says what my team needs so that we can build the right team with the right people.

Now I need to see if anybody is ready to answer my calling.

Here’s to progress!

5 thoughts on “Building the right team with the right people

  1. Reblogged this on iammichaelwatts and commented:

    A few weeks ago I published a post about how I working on building the right team with the right people.

    Well, today I get to spend some time working on the interview questions for when I meet the three shortlisted candidates on Monday.

    Here’s to progress…

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