progess is happening

Wow, it’s been an interesting week in the life of my team.

We started the week with some good news – we smashed our performance targets for the last financial year – and some not so good news – a possible new employee that would have added much needed personality traits to the team pulled out of her started job. 
We then had some exciting news about taking on a work experience pupil in late June which gives us the opportunity to plan, create and provide a really positive and meaningful work experience placement for the next generation of the workforce.
We’ve also had the other full time member of the team out of the office all week.
We’ve met a skills and resource gap within the time by commissioning a piece of work for experts in their field, for less than it would have cost for an employee to do it, which is creating a different type of working relationship for me to manage. 
And, we finished the week with the proposed changes to the team being agreed for implementation in 2 weeks time. 
On top of that, we have been delivering our tasks with professionalism, passion and high standards. 
At moments like this, I feel very proud of my team. 
We really are making progress.

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