The benefits of a short break

It’s been about a week or so since my last post, which has seemed like a lifetime away from my blog. But, it was a deliberate decision to have a break from posting a new piece every day, or at least, every other day.

I wanted to use the break to give me the opportunity and time to think about how I feel the blog is going, whether it’s doing what I wanted it to do, and where this blog is going in the future.

During the last week, I have also had the chance to have a break from work, spend some time with the family, and to top up some of my inspiration levels by using the time that I usually spend writing the posts to surf the web, reflect on ideas for how my team are going to meet the challenges that we have over the next few months, and to read an inspiring book.

And as it was the end of the financial year, I’ve also used the time to reflect on what my team have achieved during the last 12 months, and then share this with the team to make sure that celebrate our successes.

I’ll share some of the key bits from my break in some of my future posts. Watch this space!

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