Review of the week

This week my blog has covered superpowers, leadership, team, purpose and the first part of my 10 lessons of leadership.

Heres a quick review: 

There’s a lot about SYPartners in here – a post about why SYPartners have appeared so heavily in my blogs so far to share their inspiration approach and to give feedback to the people at SYPartners to keep up their belief. Check it out at

#InspiringTowardsLeadership – my first post about my 10 lessons of leadership. Check it out at

What is a team? – my honest review of how my team felt, my plan of action for getting better, and some sources of inspiration sling the way – including the brilliant Simon Sinek. It also includes my biggest regret at the manager of the team. Check it out at

Time to stop being a lone leader – a post about how I used Unstuck to help my stop being a lone leader, to trust and delegate to my team, and to stop trying to do everything myself. Check it out at

Enhancing my superpower – a post about how I created a regular ritual to keep my superpower – creative thinking – topped up (including 99u), used regularly, and how I then turned the ritual into a habit. Check it out at

The importance of understanding individual perspectives – see how a simple question from Carl Taylor helped me to reshape how I was approaching my transformation programme. [This has also been the most popular post of the week!] Check it out at

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