Enhancing my superpower 

After finally understanding, identifying and having my superpower confirmed through the brilliant Teamworks strengths tool, I then used the action focused approach of the tool to create a new ritual for making sure I keep my superpower topped up.

I tried to design my ritual so that it was simple, doable and built on my passion – so it was a habit that I should be able to maintain:

I will spend at least one hour every week getting inspired and creatively recharged

I started to do this by using my existing sources of inspiration, by seeking new sources of inspiration, and by allowing more of my creative side out.

The place of the “missing curriculum” 

The first place I went looking was a source of inspiration that I had stumbled across whilst researching about SYPartners99u.

The thing that I loved about 99u from the first moment I came across it was its simplicity, it’s bold aims, and it’s practical approach. There were articles, there were videos, and there were links to a huge range of inspirational people. People who were creatives. People who were sharing their stories. People who I could look at and say ‘yes, I want to be like that’.

So I started with the videos. I started to listen to them whilst at work. I started to listen to them whilst washing up at home. I started to be inspired.

Then I started to read the articles, learning new techniques and habits. Learning how to move from talk to action.

I started to take part in some of their research projects – labrats – to test new ideas and thinking to help me to do life, better. Here’s a link to details about one of the labrats I took part in.

And then, more recently, I ordered their books. I started to soak them up. Reading them on the train. Reading them whilst taking my oldest boy to his swimming lessons. Reading them at night.

And then I started to share what I was learning with people via my second source of inspiration – Twitter.

The people are out there – you just need to reach out

As a fairly late comer to Twitter I had found a new world of inspiration.

Although I had toyed with Twitter before in a couple of guises, now I had a reason to use it, a purpose, a goal to achieve. I wanted to learn from other people like me – and Twitter allowed me to do that. I could connect with people from the UK, Europe, the US, Australia, New Zealand, the whole globe. Each person having slightly different ideas, but each trying to achieve the same goal – to make a difference.

I started to follow the discussions, learning and ideas that were coming out of some of the conferences and gatherings that happen across the globe – things like BIF, 99u and the many similar events that seem to happen all year round.

I also started to share what I was learning and producing as a way of giving things back to the people who had given me so much.

And this was the byproduct of my third source – me.

Stop reading and talking – and start doing

I started to use a more creative approach at work. I created a homemade note book to help. Something which every time I use it inspired me to think creatively and not to be constrained by the normal lines and boxes of a typical notebook.

And a funny thing happened. The more times I let myself think creatively – the creatively I approached all my work without thinking about it.

I had successfully created a new habit.

I was living my superpower.

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