There’s a lot about SYPartners in here

When I started this blog I wanted it to form a key part of my personal purpose “to do life, better”. After writing a post everyday for a week – much more than I had expected to write – I thought it would be a good time to stop and reflect on how it’s going.

One of the key purposes of this blog was to share my learning, my journey, my struggles and successes, and what it is that made a difference to me, and so, hopefully, will be able to make a difference to you.

I feel that this purpose is starting to be achieved. Behind every post is a bit of my self learning, a bit of my journey, a few struggles and successes, and a few sources of inspiration along the way. And quite honestly, sometimes it has felt a little like a sales pitch for all things SYPartners*. It certainly isn’t meant that way. 

* I should probably state that this blog is in no way sponsored by or written by SYPartners, and the local government part of me, says that I should also say, other consultancy firms are available!

So this started to make me think. Why have SYPartners featured so heavily in my first few posts? And I think the answer to that is really simple. It is because SYPartners have had such an impact on me. Whilst they are not the only ones – others such as 99u, Carl Taylor, Gretchin Rubin have appeared in a couple of posts and will appear much more in later posts – SYPartners really have had a huge role in creating the person that I am today and the person I want to be tomorrow. 

To me, featuring SYPartners to such a high degree, is actually helping me achieve my purpose. Not only am I sharing their inspiration with the world, I also feel that I am giving something back to them – to the company, to their leaders, and to their employees. 

I once read an article where a senior employee of SYPartners stated very openingly that they are not a cheap firm to engage with as a customer, and that the significant amount of their work is done in secret and isn’t spoken about. But, as someone who has never commissioned SYPartners services, who has never personally met a single person from SYPartners (excluding a single Skype call and a few email exchanges!), I want to show them the impact that they have had with me as an individual. As an individual from the UK. As an individual that has been so inspired by them. 

And I hope that this can help them to continue to offer their learning, their understanding, and their brilliant approach openly to the world. And I hope that it can inspire the individuals within the company to see the impact that their work is having and encourage them to keep doing what they are doing.

SYPartners state that their aim is to help companies, teams and individuals achieve greatness. That’s a bold aim, but one that I fully believe they can achieve.

The world is a much better place with them in it. Here’s to greatness. 

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